Student Council 2023

Student Council 2023

This year in Finbarr’s we are starting a Student Council, because we want to hear what the students in our school have to say. 

What is a Student Council?

A student council is a group of students who can get involved in the affairs of the school, working with teachers, students in their class and other staff members, to make improvements.

What is the aim?

The aim of the Student Council is to allow children to be more involved in the decision making procedures of our school and to help them learn about how democracy works.

Who will it be?

We’ll be picking two children from each class in 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th as representatives. The representatives in 6th will also support the junior corridor boys.

How do the students get elected?

The boys in 3rd-6th class can run campaigns asking their fellow students to vote for them ahead of the election. They can design a ‘vote for me’ poster and think of one or two reasons why their classmates should vote for them. We will display the posters around the school corridors. Everyone will make their choice of who they want to elect, and then we will have a secret vote in each class to pick our representatives.

What will the council do?

They will meet a few times each term. The meetings will allow the students to collect ideas from their class and give suggestions. The students’ ideas will be discussed at Staff Meetings. In some schools, student councils lead to ideas like buddy systems, fundraising ideas and general improvements around the school.

Next steps

Now it’s over to the boys! You have just over two weeks to come up with your poster, presentation or whatever it is you decide to use to show why you should be your class representative. Get creative. Think of reasons why you would be a good voice for your class. Your teacher will give you some time in school to prepare, and you can also work away at home.

Voting will take place on the morning of Friday the 22nd of September, and the results will be revealed on Monday 25th of September.

Best of luck to everyone!