Spike Lego

Spike Lego

The boys in 5th and 6th class have been taking part in a really cool initiative this year – Spike Lego. With the help of their teachers Ms Nyland and Ms Feeney they have been learning how to use Lego and code to make some really impressive moving Lego projects.

The boys have been exploring their creativity, not only through engineering and building with LEGO, but also within many other critical skills, such as teamwork, computational thinking, programming and more.

Here’s just some of the reviews from the boys in 5th:

“Very cool and interesting” -David

“Good, because we are learning and playing” – Zac

“the best thing we have done this year” – Seán

“It’s great because I can put my Lego skills to use” – Evan

“I like learning how to use different motors and sensors, and how to code them” – Harry

“I learned how to look after and take care of Lego pieces, as that is important in this project. It gave us our own responsibility” – Jacob

Alongside the Spike Lego project the boys have been working hard on presentations around the topic sustainable energy. They have been impressing each other with their knowledge and skills inpresentation – well done on all of your creative work boys!