Sensory Trail Project

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Sensory Trail Project

Some of the boys in 5th class went above and beyond for Action Day and created an impressive sensory trail in the hall. They wrote the blog post below – well done boys!

We designed a sensory trail. First we had to make a plan, we had lots of ideas, for example a rainbow walk, ABC hopscotch, a balancing snake but we didn’t have enough time for all of them, so we picked the best ideas. We worked hard designing and making the different parts. We had lots of help. The 6th class boys helped us stick all the parts down. We checked the parts to see if they are stable. We made sure it was safe for the younger boys to use. Junior and Senior infants made the feet.

The boys in Rang 7, Junior infants, Senior infants and 1st class all had a go on the trail.They had lots of fun and we had lots of fun making it.

By Leon Jones, Simon Burko, Darragh Bradley, Cristian Lupu and Bobby Jack McCabe.

School Closure UpdateCOVID-19

Dear Parents,

I hope that you are all well and safe. We are living in very difficult times. I understand that juggling life’s demands is particularly challenging at present. There are different contexts for each family, with some caring for elderly relatives, some working from home and some people with the worry of losing their jobs. In light of this, the school understands that your circumstances will dictate what you can or cannot provide for your child in the home at this time. No-one is expecting you to be a teacher, but we are aware of concerns parents have around their children’s education. We will support you in every way that we can.

My advice is that education happens in lots of different ways, so don’t be hard on yourself or feel guilty if it’s not happening daily. There’s more to education than curriculum and books. Your child may pick up other useful skills during these weeks. Your focus at this time is of course to keep your family safe and happy.

Some parents have expressed an interest in a more structured timetable of suggested activities for their child. There is a wealth of resources available on the web, but we are aware of everyone feeling overwhelmed and we don’t want to contribute further to this. We have put a timetable up on our website for those who are looking for more structure in their day, but it is only a suggested timetable and is totally optional.

The staff is continuing to support the learning that will be taking place at home. We are exploring a number of online options at the moment and we will be in touch via school text. We will set up a facility for you to contact teachers in the coming weeks in case you have any problems or need support. Please keep an eye on the website for updates, and if anyone needs to talk to us, the school mobile is on 087-9004025 (Ms. Daly), and the school email, or ( Eoin 089-4987936) and these are regularly being checked during school hours.

We are missing the daily interaction with the boys and look forward to re-opening the school when it is safe to do so. Stay safe and keep well and remember that we will bounce back from this and we will be stronger as a result. Enjoy the Easter break and take the time to rest if you are working from home.

Take care everyone,
Maeve and Staff