Drop-Off & Collection

Drop-Off & Collection

Please watch this video message from Ms. Daly, where she outlines the morning and collection drop-off routine for the boys from Monday.

Blue group (Junior & Senior Infants)

Enter & Exit: Main entrance door, through the middle pedestrian gate.

Green Group (1st &2nd class)

Enter: Playschool entrance, through the vehicular gate.
Exit: Main entrance door, through the pedestrian gate.

Yellow group (3rd & 4th classes)

Enter & Exit: Side of the building near the breakfast club where there is a new entrance door, through the vehicular entrance.

Red group (5th & 6th classes)

Enter & Exit: The boxing club entrance, through the gate at the Church end of the school.

Orange group (Rang 7 ASD)

Enter & Exit: Through the playschool entrance. These boys will be arriving by bus and will be taken to class by an escort/SNAs/a class teacher.